Eric Jacquard Fisheries Ltd.

Bluefin Tuna Charter

eric - bluefin tuna charter


Come fish aboard the “Fin Seeker” or the “Atlantic Angler” with Captain Eric Jacquard or his sons Captains Joel or Camille. Direct descendants from the original Wedgeport Tuna Guides, Eric and his sons, Joel and Camille are third and fourth generation tuna fishermen, respectively, carrying on the family tradition of putting those in search of the ultimate fishing experience in the chair to battle a giant bluefin tuna.


100_1043Eric began his bluefin tuna fishing career at the ripe old age of 10 when he made his first trip with his father and Camille and Joel followed in their father’s footsteps, beginning their bluefin tuna fishing careers in 1990.


The Jacquards have tag and released over 200 giant bluefin tuna with satellite tags since 2003, in conjunction with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, University of New Hampshire, University of Massachusettts, and Guy Harvey.


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